Travelling helps you to Learn English in Ireland

Last Saturday morning, 11 am. Paula asked if I wanted to go to Malahide. The day was sunny. So I thought: why not? The last time I went to a beach was in august last year, before I started to Learn English Dublin.


We took a train, which a return ticket costs just 4, 70 euro, to get there. The first place we visited was, obviously, the beach! We were looking forward to see a beach. But the cold weather didn’t help to have a good day. We couldn’t lie on the beach because of cold. After we had eaten sandwiches in the beach seeing the sea, we went to visit the castle. We took some pictures just outside the building because the visits inside of it were already finished.

The castle

We came back to Dublin at 6 and I still had time to study some vocabulary I learned last week in my English Language School.