Learning English without Facebook

When you have a lot of time in your day is difficult to focus in Learn English Dublin. For exemple: You go to English school in the morning and you have all afternoon and evening to do whatever you want.

One day a new ULearn student asked me what do we do after classes and I couldn’t answer him because we can do any thing! Walking around, meeting people, going to Sightseeing in Dublin or just to going home and surfing the internet mainly on Facebook, the best and the worse website! Best because they are getting more and more users around the world, it’s amazing! And worse if you see how long you spend surfing and talking in your native language.

I spent 2 months on the Facebook, maybe at first I didn’t know the importance of Learn English Dublin. And I am here to improve my English so I have to focus in it. I can’t waste time in other things. I know that sometimes it’s difficult because you miss your life and friends, then that makes you close of them.

After that I changed my mind and decided to focus in only learn English then I changed my Facebook’s password to a sequence of numbers, then I wrote it in a piece of paper and I keep it far from my way. Afterwards if I want to login in it, first of all I need to get at home, take the paper and write all the numbers.

It is seems a little bit crazy but worked for me. Now I am not surfing on Facebook every day, I sometimes use to talk to my friends, to see gossip or post photos and I am still alive and happy!

This is my tip! Try to leave without Facebook while you are learning English in Dublin.

Not use the Facebook is not the end of the world =)